What we do and who we are

The aims of the association include conserving and protecting the marine environment, teaching respect for its ecosystems and sensitizing public opinion with the intent of strengthening combined efforts for an effective safeguarding of the marine world.

Ambiente Mare is a free, independent, non-political non-profit association.

It offers its work and activity as a contribution to the promotion and recognition of action in defense of the marine world and the advancement of its resources.
Ambiente Mare promotes the creation and development of a system of purposeful scientific relations and technical cooperation among associations and research institutions in the sector.

It conducts didactic activity with the purpose of sensitizing and educating in regard to the problems concerning the protection of the marine world, organizes meetings and seminars, publishes material and avails of whatever means are considered useful.
It organizes courses, workshops and instructive cruises for the technical, scientific, professional and cultural formation of its members as well as for students whose academic-scientific field is related to marine environment and its resources.
Because of its particular conformation, the Mediterranean Basin is an especially critical area both in regards to the environment and to health and sanitation.

At this time it is widely held by experts that the polluting input arriving from the land without a doubt accounts for the most conspicuous part of pollutants introduced into the sea. The solution to the problem, which is unfortunately neither convenient nor rapid, necessarily implicates the adoption of clean technology for industry, ecological practices for agriculture and the most efficient and rational systems for disposal of refuse possible.

Cost management is an extremely complex issue which conflicts, along with other related aspects with obvious economic interests. These are often legitimate ventures and above suspect for example if we take the development, to a certain extent inevitable, of the urbanization of the coasts or the creation of marinas and wharfs for leisure and tourism.
It is thus necessary for activity of this sort to be subject to strict evaluation of the impact on the environment in order to limit the damage as much as possible.
Those persons, associations and organizations who share the same goals can become associates of Ambiente Mare. The associates are volunteers who participate in membership activities as: founders, ordinary supporters and as associate members, honorary or temporary; they have the obligation to observe the charter and the decisions taken in the Assembly and can be excluded if, in any way they should damage the association either morally or materially.